TECH talk (communicating via technology)

technology itemsTechnology increasingly seems to run more aspects of our day to day lives. Text messages, instant messages and emails are more common than phone calls or in person conversations. For children who struggle to communicate, technology can be an equalizer. Using a tablet or device can help them communicate with others around them. Additionally, since handheld devices are becoming more commonplace, using a “talker”’ is becoming less foreign and more natural! We are hosting, in our clinic, a free TECH talk workshop to teach and help parents build their child’s communication skills. Does your child use technology to communicate? Is he/she in the process of learning how to use technology to communicate?

Come learn about how to best help your child use today’s technology to communicate at our upcoming TECH talk workshop! for questions or comments email 





communicating techniquesBelow are a few articles linked to help you better communicate and work with your child, such as, “11 Ways to Communicate with Special Needs Children“. Music and technology are a couple of great ways to get through when it seems all else is failing. For instance, music can be a way of self expression and a form of interaction if a child is nonverbal or lacking social skills. Using an iPad, computer or other device to type or type to talk are other beneficial ways. In today’s world, there is most likely an application via technology for what you might need or want. Apps can be used to  help children communicate by typing words or guessing what certain photos are. Others may allow children to create sentences based on pictures they see. Other apps teach children how to engage in social settings and much more. With so much technology at our fingertips, the possibilities are endless!

Pinterest is a wonderful resource, which is where these articles we reference come from. Use it to your advantage. Check out this link for apps and games for children with complex needs. For AAC (any low-tech or high-tech augmentative and alternative communication device) patients who may be nonverbal and need a nonverbal way of communicating, we use iPad apps and games to engage. Check out this wonderful article on AAC & Language Intervention and see how beneficial these strategies, apps and games can help your little one.