Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a referral from my doctor?

A referral is needed depending on the service and the type of insurance. All physical therapy evaluations require a prescription from a physician. SoonerCare, TriCare, and HMO plans require a referral for all therapy services. You or your physician can download our referral/prescription form here and fax it to our office at 918-663-8754. However, if your insurance carrier requires a pre-authorization or referral, TherapyWorks will be able to assist you in obtaining one from your child’s physician.

What insurance plans do you accept?

TherapyWorks accepts all major insurance plans including Medicaid/SoonerCare. For a complete list of accepted insurance plans, click here. If you don’t see your insurance plan on our list, call our office as we continually add new plans. In addition, many smaller insurance companies often use a larger plan provider list. We also offer a 20% discount and payment plans for self-paying clients.

Evaluations and Treatment Appointments

What is involved in the initial evaluation and how long will it last?

The evaluation typically lasts about one hour. During that time, the therapist will observe your child, administer standardized tests and perform various activities to gauge your child’s response.

What should I bring with me to the evaluation?

In most cases, all you need is your child and insurance card. If your child is receiving therapy services from SoonerStart or the school district, you will also need a copy of the IFSP or IEP. For feeding evaluations, please bring a list of food your child prefers to eat along with food he or she refuses to eat.

How often will my child have to come in for treatment?

The frequency and duration of treatment is entirely dependent upon your child’s diagnosis and treatment needs. During the initial evaluation, your child’s therapist will discuss the treatment plan and duration of therapy. The evaluation will help the therapist set treatment goals and determine the length of time and frequency that may be needed to meet those goals. Periodically, the therapist will reevaluate your child to determine if the treatment plan needs to be changed.

Will my child stay with the therapist that does the evaluation?

TherapyWorks’ goal is to match your child with the therapist who is best suited to meet his or her needs. After the evaluation, we can better determine which therapist that might be. So there will be times when a child will see one therapist for the evaluation and another for treatment. However, once we place your child on a therapist’s schedule, we do everything possible to ensure he or she will continue to see the same therapist.

Can someone else bring my child or do I need to attend?

Someone else may bring your child to an appointment but that person must be listed on the Consent to Treat form. In addition, it is important for that person to know your child’s medical history and the reason for treatment so the therapist has a full understanding of your child’s medical background. Regardless of who brings your child to therapy, the new patient forms must be signed by a legal guardian.

Clinic Operations

Do you have late afternoon or evening appointments?

Our therapists see patients up to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

Is there anyone on your staff who speaks a language other than English?

Yes! We have full-time staff members that are fluent in Spanish and available to interpret for your child’s therapy sessions. Please notify TherapyWorks in advance of your appointment that you will need a translator. American Sign Language is provided by some TherapyWorks’ staff members. If you or your child are hearing impaired, please let us know when you schedule your child’s appointment so we can make any necessary accommodations.

If you have a question you would like to be added, please contact us.