Summer Speech And Language Fun!

 When your children are off school for the
summer they may tell you they are bored a time or two.  Try one or of 
the ideas below that are low cost/no cost and may help your child learn
vocabulary, practice speech sounds, remember things they learned at school over
the past year or just have fun!  Whether your child recieves speech
therapy or not, talking to your kids about what you or they are doing is one
of the keys to successfully practicing language skills!

  1. Write
    several words, numbers or letters on a blank piece of paper.  Cut them into strips, fold them and put
    them in a bag or container.  Then
    have your child close his/her eyes and pull them out one at a time.  They can read the word or have you say
    it and repeat after you.  This works
    for spelling words, math practice, colors, 
    practicing speech sounds, naming animals, etc. The children can
    decorate the bag or container with markers, stickers, crayons or ribbons,
  2. Have
    your child name as many items in a category as he/she can think of, then
    add to them, e.g., farm animals, cartoon characters, flowers, birds,
    fruits, cereals, vegetables, etc. 
    This is a great activity if you have your children at the grocery
    store or shopping with you because stores are typically laid out by
    departments or categories.  You can
    even open a cupboard or closet and have them sort cans of vegetables,
    fruits, soups or bowls, spoons, gadgets in the kitchen or elsewhere.
  3. READ,
    READ, READ with them, to them or encourage them to read on their
    own.  Many local libraries have
    summer programs and they cost little or nothing for children to
  4. Have a
    treasure hunt with little toys or objects that they can search for around
    your  home or yard. 
  5. Make a
    special snack or decorate graham crackers or cupcakes, talking as you go.

Becky Bergren, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist  School Therapist