Daily Journaling: Stress and Anxiety Relief


We all have it and typically deal with it in our day to day lives. What is it? Stress and or anxiety. These two emotions/feelings can often determine the entire outcome of our day before it even starts. This is common, but there is a solution, says Kristen Arquette. Journaling can have quite the impact. She is a marriage and family therapist at New Vision Counseling in Washington state. In the article, which covers anxiety and stress, different therapists and counselors describe how writing down your feelings and thoughts can dramatically have an impact on your body (read the full article here: Is your child showing signs of stress or anxiety? ). Daily Journaling lets all those emotions, feelings, stressful and nervous thoughts escape onto paper, thus freeing your mind! Give it a try, test it out and let us know if you see a difference.

“Children do not always know how to talk about what they’re feeling. Sometimes they are unsure of what they’re feeling, especially in the wake of trauma, when things are unclear and don’t make much sense,” says Jacqui Blue, a hypnotherapist in California who specializes in trauma. Sometimes we all want to curl up into a ball and keep it inside, but that is not the solution to the problem. It will only make things worse in the long run. Let it flow, uncensored and unscripted. There are no drugs or antibiotics on the market that can cure grief or pain.

First and foremost, by no means is journaling a substitute to seeking out treatment or asking for help. It’s an easily accessible means to to letting out what you feel inside without acting out verbally or physically. That alone can go a long way in helping kids, teens or adults externalize their emotions and feelings in an unnecessary way. Something as simple as taking the time to jot down what you feel, think or want to do can also change the way you go about the rest of your day. Don’t bash it before you try it. See if it can help you deal with things you may internalizing and need to get them out.