National Nutrition Month: A Taste of Technology

Today’s technology makes healthy eating easier than ever. From smart phones to smart TVs and tablets,
apps are becoming widely available for every day use. For nutrition, most apps focus on
cooking, selecting the best produce and calorie counting. Some also focus
on food safety and discount grocery shopping. These apps are just a few of the ones out there and all are available for both Apple and Android platforms.

Seafood Watch
– A digital
guide that sorts seafood by sustainability rankings with suggested
alternatives, provides recipe ideas and is updated regularly by the Monterey
Bay Aquarium. 

Food on the Table
– Users can
choose from local supermarkets, like Reasors, to see weekly sales items. The app also features recipes, sophisticated grocery lists, a pantry inventory and
meal-planning calendar. Keep in mind the
nutrition facts don’t tend to always be accurate, nor are the serving sizes
standard; but it is a nice tool for budget-friendly meals. 

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret

– A tool used to aid with calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate
counting. A bonus feature is its ability
to read bar codes to enter in the foods you have consumed for a daily total
tally of nutrients.

Find Me Gluten Free
– This app
compiles local gluten-free businesses into a single directory. It may be missing some gluten-free menu items
that are not labeled as such, but it does provide a good place to start for the
gluten-free community. 

– Andrea Shotton, MS, RD, LD