National Nutrition Month: Spring into Freshness

March is National Nutrition Month and brings with it the first signs of spring. Spring also brings about the opening of many of the Oklahoma community farmer’s markets and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Start your spring off right by eating out less and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. By choosing foods that are in season, you can
buy fresher foods at their lowest cost, saving you money and creating healthier meals for your family.

Locals farmers are amazing people and work hard for you to enjoy Oklahoma
grown food, so why not go out and support them? You can also make it a fun family outing to see where your food is grown. Also, many local farms let you pick your own blueberries, blackberries and more. Visit the following to locate the nearest farmer’s market to your home:

So, what is in season? Spring harvests include asparagus, green onions,
leeks, lettuce, maple syrup, mint, mushrooms, new potatoes, peas, radishes,
rhubarb, spinach, strawberries and wild greens. 

If you haven’t tried some of these foods, or can’t get your
children to try them, get them more involved in the kitchen, or the
garden, from day one. Inspire your children to discover food
with a hands-on learning experience by letting them prepare food and
presenting it on their plate. Make it fun!

If you
need some inspiration for recipe ideas, some of my
favorite cookbooks are: 
– Simply in Season: Children’s
Mark Beach and Julie Kauffman

Simply in Season: A World
Community Cookbook
, Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert

– Weelicious by Catherine McCord.

Put a spring in your step with fresh food and healthy eating!

– Andrea Shotton, MS, RD, LD