Better Hearing & Speech Month: Listen Up!

Have you ever told your kids, spouse, students, etc. they have selective hearing? Well, the latest program implemented at TherapyWorks, Integrated Listening Systems, or iLs, aims to correct that problem and many more.

iLs targets sensory processing, attention, memory, coordination, emotional regulation, reading/writing, self-confidence, self-expression and impulse control. Many children with ADHD, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders have difficulties in these areas. iLs helps improve regulation, processing and motor skills by retraining the connections in the brain.

One of our patients, Avery, has been using the iLs system since it was implemented at TW. It is used to  improve her ability to process information more effectively and therefore enhance the other therapies she is already receiving. “(It) has improved Avery’s ability to concentrate and complete tasks as well as give her more overall confidence,” Taryn, Avery’s mom, said.

How iLs works is that during a therapeutic session, a person wears headphones while performing specific motor tasks. These exercises activate the pathways used in the processing of sensory information by providing gentle and specific stimulation.  This stimulation is typically classical music or chanting that has been modified to target specific areas of the brain. It was recognized that different sound frequencies affect various areas of the brain.  For example, sound frequencies from 0-750 Hz are in the sensory-motor zone and affect a person’s motor skills, such as balance, coordination, rhythm, muscle tone, body awareness and motor planning.

A session can last from 20 minutes with an infant to a full 60 minutes for children ages 2 and up.  Each program can be modified for an individual’s specific needs.

Thanks to Laura Diamond, MS, CCC-SLP, for contributing to this post!