Its freezing out!



When the
weather gets cold, children often spend their days watching TV or playing
videogames.  Here are some simple ideas
for active indoor games to keep everyone warm and busy:

Make an
obstacle course using items from around the house.  Jump over pillows, spin around a chair,
perform 5 jumping jacks, crawl under the table, and race to the finish

Use a
book or a song with action words and act them out. 

Dance to
music or play a game of Freeze (where when you turn the music off, everyone has
to freeze in the position they were in). 

tape on the floor can make an excellent balance beam and is easily removed.

tape can also be used for indoor hop-scotch.

Make a
treasure hunt.  Hide objects around the
house and have the children hunt for them. 
Use pictures of the objects for children who might need a little more
guidance on what they are finding.  To
make it more difficult, make them perform a skill on the way to find a
particular item, such as jump, skip, hop, or crawl.

using balled up socks and a laundry hamper. 

Enjoy your
days inside instead of dreading them. 
The kids will thank you!


Lupton, DPT
Clinic Therapist, TherapyWorks