It takes a village

child’s care and progress is our number one priority at TherapyWorks.  We have all heard the
phrase “it takes a village”, well it truly does to care for a child with
special needs. Do you know who is or should be on your child’s team? For example,
did you know that a child with cerebral palsy should be seen by an orthopedic
doctor every 6 months to year for hip and spine x-rays because they are at
greater risk for dysplasia?  Many times families are referred to various specialists
without fully understanding what that person’s role is in their child’s
care.  The following is a list of the
most common specialist that may be apart of your child’s team.


herapist: Occupational Therapist,
Physical Therapist, Speech Language Therapist and Dietician provide therapeutic

Orthopedic Physician: Specializes in
treating conditions and injuries involving bones and connective tissue,
including tendons and ligaments

Neurologist: Specializes in
study, diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease of nervous system. These
include brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves throughout body.

Pediatrician: Specializes in the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents  The age limit usually ranges from birth up to 18 years.

Developmental pediatricians focus on developmental, behavioral and learning
issues from infancy through young adulthood

Geneticist: Evaluate, diagnose
and manage patients with heredity conditions or congenital malformations

Vision Therapist: Also known as vision training.  This treatment is used to improve vision skills such as eye movement
control, eye coordination and teamwork.  This is performed under supervision of optometrist, or orthoptist 

ENT:  An ear, nose and throat
doctor specializes in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose, sinuses, throat, face and neck. 

Psychologist: This specialist evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and studies behavior and mental processes.   Clinical psychologists and school
  work with patients in a variety of
therapeutic contexts

Psychiatrist: Psychiatrists are medical doctors who must evaluate patients to determine
whether or not their symptoms are the result of a medical illness, a
combination of medical and mental, or a strictly mental one


you are unsure if your child should be seeing one of these specialist please
consult with your therapist and pediatrician for a recommendation. It is very
important that if your child is seeing one of these specialists that you please
inform your therapist so that they can collaborate and be informed of any
changes in plan of care.
Nicole DeWitt MOT, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist