“Dynamic” Kids!

TherapyWorks is proud to be the first facility in Oklahoma to use the Dynamic Movement Orthosis (DMO). The DMO is a newer approach to managing abnormal tone (either high or low) and neurological dysfunction.

The DMO provides improved function from better posture, improved proximal/ distal stability and reduced involuntary movements; other benefits may include pain relief, decreased associated reactions, easier transfers and improved therapy sessions.

This orthotic is unique in that it is a Lycra®-based material that moves with the child to allow the individual to be as independent as possible in daily activities. The orthotic is worn every day for an average of eight hours. It does not restrict the child from participating in anything as a static brace would.
The therapist works closely with a local orthotist to acquire measurements to achieve an accurate fit. Each orthotic is custom made to fit that specific individual. The DMO can be ordered as leggings, shorts, body suit, shoulder and short arm/long arm.
TherapyWorks’ first two DMO cases included one with leggings and the other with a long arm; three more DMOs are on order. With the use of the DMO, these individuals have reported less hip pain, demonstrated a more stable gait pattern and are actively using their neglected extremity with less prompting.
– Nicole DeWitt, MOT, OTR/L
Lycra® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, 2003.