Does my child need orthotics?

Orthotic devices are shoe inserts that are intended to improve stability and alignment during walking, running and playing. They also can provide positioning for children who are not able to walk or are in the process of learning to walk. But how do you know if your child would benefit from orthotic support?
  • Does your child have “flat feet” and is over the age of 2 years?
  • Does your child experience foot or knee pain?
  • Does your child have poor balance?
  • Is your child in a wheelchair or other mobility device and they need better positioning for their feet?
  • Is your child over the age of 14 months and not walking yet?
  • Does your child have an awkward walking or running pattern?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, orthotics may be beneficial for your child. Incorrect foot alignment can cause foot, leg, knee, hip and back pain, youth sports injuries, awkward walking or running pattern, poor balance and coordination and toe walking. By using the correct orthotic devices, proper foot alignment can be achieved, resulting in increased balance, coordination and decreased pain.
If you believe your child would benefit from orthotic support or if you would like your child evaluated for orthotics, please contact your primary care physician to discuss your concerns. They will be able to determine if a referral would be of benefit to your child and his or her feet.