AQUATIC THERAPY: A New Program at TherapyWorks

Photo: Pool Therapy!! We love it!!

therapy is known to be beneficial in physical therapy to address muscle
weakness, balance deficits, pain, and decreased flexibility.  About a month ago, TherapyWorks  started
an off campus aquatic therapy program that is allowing some of our patients to
enjoy the pool environment.  Aquatic
therapy sessions are one on one with a therapist, or sometimes even one patient
to two therapists if more assistance is required.  Each patient has a specialized treatment
plan, just like they would in the clinic. 
We work on similar goals as clinic therapy, just in a different
environment.  Water can make it easier for
our patients to move around and they are able to explore different varieties of
movement without the limitations of gravity. 
Those patients who may be in pain due to stress on the joints will find
the water especially helpful, with better tolerance for exercising without
pain.  Aquatic therapy also has secondary
benefits of stimulating language and communication, increasing respiratory
function, tone reduction, and increased body awareness.  For more information on our aquatic therapy
program, please speak with your current therapist or call TherapyWorks at (918)

 Danielle Lupton, DPT
 Clinic Therapist