Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

There is a high demand for therapy appointments. Cancellations and no shows (not calling to cancel) not only interfere with your child’s progress, but they prevent other children from receiving treatment. We understand there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control such as illness or emergencies in which cancellations are unavoidable. We appreciate you calling if you must cancel.

  • *Reserved appointments require at least 80% attendance. If you reschedule the appointment within the same week, it will not count as a cancellation.
  • *3 No Shows will result in removal from the reserved appointment time After that you will need to call and schedule week to week.
  • Chronically Late: 5-7 minutes or more 3 times in 3 months will result in an attendance warning, followed by week to week scheduling if problem persists.
  • If the therapist must cancel or weather prohibits attending, it will not count against your attendance

Therapist Unavailable

From time to time your child’s primary treating therapist may be out due to illness, planned vacation, or an unforeseen event. When this happens, we will make every effort both inform you ahead of time and to keep your appointment as close as possible to the originally scheduled date and time with an alternate therapist.

Parents Leaving During Treatment

Some parents have made a habit of leaving the premises during their child’s treatment session. This leaves staff and therapist in a position requiring supervision of the child until the parent arrives to get them. This places strain on the front office staff and therapist alike. In addition, when the therapist has another patient to treat immediately after, they are unable to communicate with the parent concerning continued and or future treatment goals.

Because we rely on your participation in your child’s treatment, we ask that you:

  • Remain on the premises while your child is receiving therapy
  • Plan to sit in on your child’s therapy at least occasionally
  • Be available to speak with your therapist at the conclusion of treatment. (Therapists need to communicate with you about your child’s progress and activities and exercises to be done at home.)
  • Notify our front office staff if you must leave for an emergency

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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