November 24, 2020

Parents Leaving During Treatment

Parents Leaving During Treatment Some parents have made a habit of leaving the premises during their child’s treatment session. This leaves staff and therapist in a position requiring supervision of the child until the parent arrives to get them. This places strain on the front office staff and therapist alike. In addition, when the therapist has another patient to treat immediately after, they are unable to communicate with the parent concerning continued and or future treatment goals. Because we rely on your participation in your child’s treatment, we ask that you: Remain on the premises while your child is receiving […]
November 23, 2020

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy There is a high demand for therapy appointments. Cancellations and no shows (not calling to cancel) not only interfere with your child’s progress, but they prevent other children from receiving treatment. We understand there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control such as illness or emergencies in which cancellations are unavoidable. We appreciate you calling if you must cancel. *Reserved appointments require at least 80% attendance. If you reschedule the appointment within the same week, it will not count as a cancellation. *3 No Shows will result in removal from the reserved appointment time After that you will need […]
March 20, 2020

Teletherapy Appointments

As Tulsa’s leader in pediatric therapy, we are pleased to announce that we are offering teletherapy appointments beginning Monday, March 23rd. Teletherapy will allow your child to continue treatment while maintaining social distancing and limit the spread of Covid-19. If you currently have a clinic appointment and would like to convert to teletherapy, please call the clinic at 918-663-0606 to speak with our receptionist or leave a message with your name and appointment time and we will contact you to set up your teletherapy appointment.
July 26, 2018

TECH talk (communicating via technology)

Technology increasingly seems to run more aspects of our day to day lives. Text messages, instant messages and emails are more common than phone calls or in person conversations. For children who struggle to communicate, technology can be an equalizer. Using a tablet or device can help them communicate with others around them. Additionally, since handheld devices are becoming more commonplace, using a “talker”’ is becoming less foreign and more natural! We are hosting, in our clinic, a free TECH talk workshop to teach and help parents build their child’s communication skills. Does your child use technology to communicate? Is […]
July 19, 2018

Summer Sensory Fun for your Kids

  Do you know how simple and incredibly cheap it can be to create your own fun around the house for your kid(s)? If you have kids that are sensory prone, these activities will be especially fun for them! Sensory issues are not all the same and vary from person to person. Below, we list and explain a few simple ways to have some sensory fun this summer, all on a budget. Neither of these take much time to set up and are all child friendly. Click the image above for more ways to enjoy simple, fun activities with the […]
July 12, 2018

Daily Journaling: Stress and Anxiety Relief

We all have it and typically deal with it in our day to day lives. What is it? Stress and or anxiety. These two emotions/feelings can often determine the entire outcome of our day before it even starts. This is common, but there is a solution, says Kristen Arquette. Journaling can have quite the impact. She is a marriage and family therapist at New Vision Counseling in Washington state. In the article, which covers anxiety and stress, different therapists and counselors describe how writing down your feelings and thoughts can dramatically have an impact on your body (read the full article […]
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