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When Millie began coming to TherapyWorks at 3 years old, her triglyceride levels resembled those of a middle-aged man. Those blood levels, high blood pressure, obesity and a heart murmur created a dangerous health situation. In addition to the health issues, Millie was suffering from abdominal pain, gagging and choking, vomiting and diarrhea. Millie was referred to TherapyWorks for medical nutrition therapy.

During her evaluation, dietitian Andrea Shotton, MS, RD, LD, suspected lactose intolerance and a diet high in simple sugars was mainly to blame for Millie’s poor health and discomfort. During her weekly therapy sessions, Shotton measures and weighs Millie and records her calorie and food intake from the week. Shotton also teaches Millie and her family how to make good food choices.

She now drinks lactose-free milk and has learned how to balance meal plans with whole grains and vegetables. Her daily diet includes omega-3 fatty acids, like flaxseed, to aid in lowering triglycerides. Millie helps choose her menu for the week using color coded buttons to represent the food groups. Along with improving her diet, she works hard at keeping herself actively busy rather than overeating.

Within a year, Millie’s blood levels have returned to normal and her Body Mass Index (BMI) places her at the ideal body weight for her age and she no longer experiences the gastrointestinal symptoms. Her grandmother reports Millie has more energy, doesn’t get winded as easily and thrives as a happy, healthy 5-year-old girl.


A senior track star at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Raegene competes in the 4x100-meter, 4x200-meter, 4x400-meter and 300-meter hurdles, with the hurdles as her favorite. She trains hard and has aspirations of winning state this year. But all that came to a screeching halt when she started experiencing significant hip, low back and ankle pain.

When she began treatment at TherapyWorks in the spring, her therapists fitted her with orthotics, which helped; but, something was still missing. She continued to experience hip and low back pain that affected her ability to train. Following several brainstorming sessions with her physical therapy team, her therapists discovered Rae had a significant pelvic and sacral dysfunction.
They dedicated several treatment sessions to correct this misalignment and reduce muscle spasms in her lower back and hips and implemented strengthening exercises to help maintain the proper alignment. In addition, Kinesio Taping® techniques helped teach Rae how to correctly use muscle groups and decrease compensation.

Rae made steady progress and her pain decreased as the treatments continued. TherapyWorks received an email from Rae informing us that she felt better than she had in a long time and she was able to run for the first time with no pain!

She continues to make gains each week and is on track to train for state this coming spring. We are so excited to watch this tremendous young athlete return to the sport that she loves and be able to live her life pain free.


Struggling with sensory processing disorder, Blake could only attend to activities or tasks for a few minutes at a time. As early as April, he was unable to tolerate excessive noise, being wet or participate in family outings without having a meltdown.

In his occupational therapy sessions, his therapists have worked to regulate his sensory system by using a weighted vest, increasing heavy work and incorporating a picture schedule. Although these strategies made a small difference, he was still unable to stay engaged for longer than 5-7 minutes.

Recently, his therapists decided to introduce the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol, which includes brushing a child’s arms, legs and back with a specially designed brush. They began implementing the protocol at the beginning of each of Blake's OT sessions and also educated his parents on this protocol to allow for brushing at home. Blake has now been participating in the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol for about six weeks.

He is showing significant progress, not only during therapy sessions, but also within his home environment. Blake now begins each therapy session with brushing and wears a weighted compression vest.

He is able to remain engaged in activities for longer periods of time including playing games at the table for up to 20 minutes. Blake's mother reports he is now able to go to baseball games with his family without being overly bothered by the excessive noise. She also said Blake enjoyed playing in the wave pool (and even getting splashed) during their family vacation!



A spunky 4-year-old, Cassie Jo was diagnosed with spina bifida when she was born. Many children with spina bifida cannot walk or have difficulty walking and when Cassie Jo first came to TherapyWorks, she was using a walker and had very limited mobility.

Receiving occupational and physical therapy at TherapyWorks for almost a year, her treatment sessions have focused on increasing her independence with walking with an assistive device. 

Several months ago Cassie Jo's therapists, Kea Averill, PTA, and Laci DiLibero, PTA, began training her how to walk with forearm crutches. 

On April 11, 2012, Cassie Jo walked with her forearm crutches, across the therapy gym, for the first time. Her mom and therapists were ecstatic, to say the least. 

During her jaunt across the gym, Cassie Jo exclaimed, “I can walk like a big girl now!" Take a look at her first "big girl" steps!

Click here to see a video of Cassie Jo taking her first steps!






Diagnosed with Down syndrome, Jesus' speech-language development was delayed and communication with family and friends was difficult.

His speech therapists helped his family obtain an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device that enabled Jesus to point to a screen and have the device speak for him.

“He is able to communicate better with everyone and also able to express his desires, what he likes and what he doesn't,” the Gonzalez family said. “With his speech device he is able to communicate. He lets us know what he wants at a certain time and place. It makes it easier to understand him and help him.”

Sign language was not a good option for Jesus because with sign language, the other communication partner must know sign language as well.

“Sign language is not a universal language, which is why we chose this device for Jesus. He can use this and communicate with anyone,” said his speech therapist, Kara Sexson, MS, CCC-SLP. “Jesus uses the device to request items of need and to comment. He initiates conversation with not just me, but everyone around him using his device.”





Beau's life changed forever one day when he was kicked in the head by a horse. Lifeflighted to the hospital, his parents didn't know if he would live. To say his recovery is remarkable is an understatement.

After he was discharged from the hospital and inpatient rehab center, he began receiving intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy at TherapyWorks. Since then, Beau's dad, Zach, said he has specifically seen improvements in his fine motor skills in his left hand and his balance is much improved.

“His overall ability to run and play and be a little boy like before his accident (has improved),” Zach said.
Zach gives credit to Beau's therapists and the homework assignments they give him for the strides he has made.

“They come to work everyday with an attitude they are going to help Beau. I'm very proud of him,” Zach said. “Therapy works at TherapyWorks!”


Beau is 3 years old and receives occupational, physical and speech therapy at TherapyWorks.






Noelle began attending TherapyWorks when she was just a few months old. Her muscles were very weak and she had difficulty eating.

“When Noelle came to TherapyWorks as in infant, she had no control of her hands or head,” Noelle's mother, Danielle, said.

In addition, reflux issues contributed to her feeding issues and poor weight gain. Later diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, it became necessary to begin an intensive therapy program. Noelle's therapists worked closely with her physicians to create a comprehensive treatment plan to help Noelle meet her therapy goals.

“Today, she is walking, talking, playing, eating, all the things her doctors said she would not be able to do at this age,” Danielle said. “I am so happy and grateful for Noelle's therapists past and present. They have become family to us. Noelle loves to come to therapy!”


Noelle is 3-years-old and receiving occupational, speech, physical and nutrition therapy at TherapyWorks.